Right… and Santa, the Easter Bunny & Tooth Fairy really do exist. Pl-eeese! We’re all adults, right? The sad truth is that free shipping and the other guys don’t exist. Nothing ships for free. USPS charges for the service as do all the other carriers. When I say “free shipping” what I really mean is “don’t worry about shipping cause it’s included”.

Small items (up to 13 ounces in weight) mail via USPS first class. It’s the most cost effective shipping method but not the fastest. If you need it faster contact me and I can charge you the small difference for upgrading to priority. Anything that weighs over 13 ounces must be mailed with USPS priority mail, their rules not mine. This method will normally take 2-3 days to arrive at most locations but it can be slower during holidays and bad weather/natural disaster events. If you need the item the next day I can do that but it will cost much more.

All purchases are in stock and ready to ship within 2 days business days of purchase. I mail Monday thru Friday, sometimes Saturday but never on Sunday.


At this time my shipping calculator isn’t set up for international sales but I’m happy to sell/ship to countries that are compatible with Paypal. If you want to make a purchase you’ll need to contact me so I can tell you how much actual shipping to your location will cost. If you decide you’d like to make the purchase, let me know. I’ll use Paypal to send an invoice to your email for the total, item + shipping cost. Of course I’ll be happy to combine multiple items in one package to save on shipping cost for you.

One warning though. I won’t lie about the item’s value on the customs form OR declare the item as a gift. I’m sorry; I know those VAT fees or taxes are very expensive. But any duty or customs fees are YOUR responsibility, not mine. They’re not included in the invoiced total. Please double-check your address to make sure you have it entered correctly. I print shipping labels directly from the information you enter; no refunds will be given for the cost of shipping if the item is returned to me as undeliverable because of your error. The same thing goes if you refuse to pay your customs fees. All/any refunds on returns for any reason are given only after the item has been safely returned here (international can take months) and only for the original purchase price.


Almost everything on this website (except for the handmade goods) is genuine vintage, at least 20 years old. (I’m allowing myself a few exceptions like tees & ties that are 15-19 years old; these will be called ALMOST vintage, lol).

These goods are all pre-owned so you should assume your item has been used. Everything I sell has either been washed by myself OR is in clean but as-found condition. Some silk scarves & ties can’t be washed because of the risk of color bleeding; these are carefully hung outside in the fresh air before mailing. Honestly tho, almost anything CAN be washed at home if you’re careful. 

I rarely dry clean anything I sell to others because of the harsh chemicals used in the process and the potential of allergies or other life-threatening reactions for various buyers. 

If there are any flaws in an item I mend them myself or point them out in the description (which, of course, you avidly read cause that’s the right thing to do.)

Colors can be tricky to photograph accurately. And monitors don’t all show the exact color either. I try to present as true a color as possible in my photos. Again, if you’re not sure, use the contact form to ask me questions.

This business is operated from my home and all items are stored here. It’s not pet-free but once items have been cleaned they’re stored upstairs where no pets are allowed to roam.

My home is smoke free


As a seller I don’t like returns and would rather answer questions about measurements before you make a purchase. But I will allow them on vintage clothing because getting the fit right is so hard even with measurements. If what you order doesn’t fit you you have 1 week from receiving your package to contact me about a problem. Check your purchase out ASAP because I’m serious about only giving you a week to try on your garment to make sure it fits. After you contact me you then have 2 weeks to return the garment for a full refund of the original purchase price. All returns must be received in the condition they were mailed in… unworn. Seriously, if you wanna “rent” something for an event, go bother someone else with that. Buyer fraud is rare but it makes me really cranky so don’t do it. If your item is damaged or otherwise not as described please contact me ASAP to work out a solution we can both live with.


I spend a lot of time taking accurate measurements but all measurements are still approximate. please please take the time to read & understand the measurements. Questions? Use the contact form and I’ll get back to you promptly. A good tape measure is your bestie when buying clothes online. Use it to compare your actual measurements with the garment measurements I provide. Don’t forget to add a little “wearing ease”.