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All Apologies!

I’m all apologies today! It just came to my attention that my Retromonde Vintage website messages and email system has NOT been working for a L-O-N-G time. How could I not notice it? I’ve learned that setting up and launching an independent website as a sole proprietor isn’t easy. Sourcing product, creating blog content and

Vintage OshKosh Bandana Timeline

As a frequent shopper I’m often out & about, here & there looking high & low for vintage & antique inventory for one of my stores. (How’s that for a string of 2-word phrases in a single sentence?) Sometimes I notice that a theme of things shows up when shopping. One weekend it was accordions, another

Vintage Blue Elephant Bandana Apron

Yes, you read that title correctly. It is indeed a splendid dark blue trunk-down elephant bandana that someone turned into an slightly gathered waist apron. Who knows when they did the deed… I’d guess it was Pre-owned, used; in good condition with no noted flaws.1950 but can’t be sure. The stitching on the waistband is