I’m all apologies today! It just came to my attention that my Retromonde Vintage website messages and email system has NOT been working for a L-O-N-G time. How could I not notice it?

sole viola plant in concrete crack

I’ve learned that setting up and launching an independent website as a sole proprietor isn’t easy. Sourcing product, creating blog content and useful information, AND being present on social media to drive traffic to be found by search engines without tons of money and/or an IT team is daunting. I honestly thought there was nobody trying to contact me… here’s how it felt :-

crowd of pansies, all smiling

Good news though- the problem has been fixed so unless something else goes wrong you’ll be able to reach me with questions and comments. Because I’ve consolidated my online businesses I’m working on this website daily. This is how I want Retromonde Vintage to feel for you AND me 🙂

So I’ll keep chugging away at creating an interesting website with useful information about vintage topics and continue to sell awesome products. And I’ll fix problems that come up myself, with a little help from my friends… but faster next time 🙂

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