1891 Curt Nystrom lithograph print


It’s the day after Thanksgiving, still morning. The house is quiet except for our dog chomping on her bone. I wore myself out cooking & cleaning the house for our family feast yesterday but it was a good tired. I promised myself today off; I’m would not cook or clean anything. Period. But what do I do instead? It’s Black Friday so most shopping is out… I don’t do crowds. Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday so if I go out I’ll shop & have lunch at a local indie business.

Since the Christmas/holiday season selling frenzy has officially begun maybe I should start thinking about Christmas sales like every other retailer in the US; they’ve been making plans for months. But this website is brand new; things can be calm here. I need to sell things and make money BUT I can also be a mensch.. not a selling machine.

I could totally ignore Christmas but why would I? love the entire season and respect all the various holidays that are celebrated during December. This is a season of joy to share family & friends, a time to observe traditions and create new ones. Which makes it the day to hang my Curt Nystrom Swedish Elves picture.

I found this antique Curt Nystrom print rolled up on the floor in my favorite dusty old antique store in Portland Oregon in the mid 70s. I worked downtown and loved to spend hours exploring the funky old city. (Sorry folks, Portland is too hip to be funky anymore… old Portland is mostly gone now, It’s been replaced with sleek modern high-rises & ever-so-trendy corporate boutiques. Don’t despair; I’ve found some nifty places but that’s fodder for future blog posts.)

Somehow over the decades & many moves I managed to hold onto the print and keep it safe. I finally could afford to frame it and each holiday season it hangs over our piano. I can sit & stare at it, imagining being in that room with the red-hatted elves.

There’s one thing troubling me about this picture. It’s signed Curt Nystrom, lithograph date says ’91. I found the print in the 70s. But Curt Nystrom wasn’t born until 1893. So did Curt sign his mom’s work? Something’s definitely wrong with the timeline. But no matter really; the print is hanging in its place of honor now, soon to be joined by the rest of the Christmas decorations. All is well.



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