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Vintage Red Bandana Handkerchief Elephant Trunk UP Cotton AS IS #54



This is a small size vintage bandana handkerchief. An Elephant bandana with its trunk up, it’s marked “fast color, 100% cotton” in the lower left corner. A tricolor (red, white & black) bandana, it has a paisley based motif with flowers, dots etc. Nice pattern.

Vintage, probably from the 50s-60s, it does have some flaws. (Gasp, it’s a 50+ year old work bandana, right?) No holes but there’s a couple of faint dark stains, a few spots with paint, and a few small dark “blobs” that are like rubber cement or something similar. I’m going to soak the bandana again and see if I can get that surface gunk off this time.

Smaller than most vintage bandanas, I’d call this more of a handkerchief. It measures 16 1/2″ x 17″ square.


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